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Dental Implants

Permanent Restorative Dentistry in Oakhurst, CA

With so many available restoration options, patients looking to replace missing teeth have a number of solutions for completing their smiles. However, few are as successful or permanent as dental implants. At Barbara Kelly Family Dental, Dr. Kelly and her Oakhurst dental team work with patients to determine the right restorative treatment to improve the function and health of their smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are independent dental restorations that are surgically placed into the jaw to permanently replace missing teeth. Over the course of three visits to our Oakhurst dental office, Dr. Kelly places the implant into the jaw, attaches the connective abutment, then completes the restoration with a custom-made dental crown. The result is a highly resilient, natural looking restoration.

Why Would I Want a Dental Implant?

In comparison to traditional tooth replacement solutions, dental implants offer patients a number of immediate and long-term advantages. Some examples of these advantages include:

Affordable Investment

Dental restorations are a long-term investment into your smile. While certain restorative treatments may seem like an excellent, low-cost solution to missing teeth, often these treatments fail to stimulate the rest of the mouth, potentially compromising the health and function of your smile. Additionally, long-term replacement and maintenance costs can quickly add up, making these traditional restorations much more expensive than originally anticipated.

Stable Tooth Replacement

The placement of the implant into the jaw provides patients with a stable, permanent alternative to dentures, partials, and bridges. Through the recovery process following implant placement, the jaw bone and implant fuse together, creating a stable foundation for the restoration and reinforcing the strength of the bone. This independent placement also prevents the surrounding teeth from becoming part of the treatment, keeping those teeth healthy and uncompromised.

Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Another advantage of dental implants is the long-term resilience of this treatment. Because traditional restorations do not stimulate the jaw and surrounding teeth, they may actually cause further deterioration of your smile. To accommodate these changes, these restorations must be frequently replaced. As implant placement stimulates and reinforces the jaw bone, patients don’t have to worry about their smile deteriorating and requiring replacement restorative treatment. With a high success rate, dental implant patients can enjoy full dental function for the rest of their lives.

Dental Implants in Oakhurst

Given the comprehensive nature of dental implants, it is important that patients receive consistent care from their initial consultation through their final post-treatment appointment. To help patients receive successful implants, Dr. Kelly places and restores the dental implant in her Oakhurst dental office. By working with other local specialists, patients receive conservative yet comprehensive care without having to travel all the way to Fresno for their dental implant treatment.

When it comes to completing your smile, consider the long-term benefits of dental implants. At our Oakhurst dental practice, Dr. Kelly walks patients through the benefits and disadvantages of different treatments, helping them decide the right restorative care for their unique needs.

For patients considering dental implants, Barbara Kelly Family Dental offers complete treatment from placement through restoration, to ensure you receive a fully functional, beautiful smile. To learn more about dental implants, contact Dr. Kelly and her Oakhurst dental team today to schedule your restoration consultation.

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